Will be in Vietnam゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2011.10.08 07:16)

Good morning★・ω・b

It’s early in the morning(゜ー゜)
I’m sleepy(゜ー゜)

Before I prepared for Vietnam
I sat in a massage chair and read letters
and fell asleep without realizing it
and woke up an hour before I planned to (>__<)

Izurina, that's not fair((((;;´д`))

You're too cute(;´Д`)ノ

(Well, saying it was a lonely expression
is just my judgement, but
it's definitely cute, so♪)

Today was the final Tokyo performance of the play that Amina is in☆

let's do our best together L(o`・Д・o)/


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