(2011.10.04 17:38)

Good morning!

Long time no see! Sorry!
Sorry! Ai!

Lately Mayuyu
has been doing work and drawing pictures and thinking about Takarazuka!

Lately at home
I’ve been drawing all the time!
You’ll find out what kind of pictures soon (^-^)/ Look forward to it☆
It’s a masterpiece~

And now that I realize it, the Young Jump manga deadline is in two days…
No way(^ω^;)
Will it finish?! Will I  make it?!
Mayuyu-sensei is in a big pinch!!

And last night
I totally missed “Kimi to Boku.” and “Kyoukaisenue no Horizon”, so I was too shocked and couldn’t sleep…
I wanted to hear the ending sung by Ceui-san ><

This season’s anime is already starting, one year goes by too fast, I can’t smile/(^o^)\

I have to watch Haganai and Noitamina without forgetting

lately I’ve been into Takarazuka (^o^)!

There aren’t that many people around me who can do Zuka talk, so it’s lonely…(>_<) Someone talk to me!

But, but
Komorin really knows a lot, so she always teaches me a lot of stuff♪
It seems like Komorin liked Sena Jun-san (^-^)/

I really like Hana-gumi ><  I want to go see!

Today Komorin brought Takarazuka Otome, so I’m going to hold back with that ><
And there’s just a little left, but
I’ll do my best-mayuyu today too o(^-^)o

From Mayuyu

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