(2011.10.03 13:51)

I’m going to answer questions I received in lettersヾ(*’∀’*)ノ

(´・_・`)Nacchan, have you been to Ibaraki?

(*゜д゜*)I have! But I was just passing through LOL

(´・_・`)Are there things that you think aren’t true about CinDy?

(*゜д゜*)Not anymore LOL

(´・_・`)I’m in 9th grade and taking exams, so I think if Nacchan cheers for me I’ll be able to do my best, won’t you cheer for me?

(*゜д゜*)Don’t regret anything! Do your best-nacchan in studying!゛∩(^∀^*)

(´・_・`)What’s the souvenir that has made the biggest impression on you?

(*゜д゜*)Yeah, I don’t know! Maybe there isn’t one LOL

(´・_・`)Tell us your favorite movie/novel/manga genre!

(*゜д゜*)For movies it’s action, for novels it’s fantasy from the Jomon and Yayoi periods, for manga it’s youthful love stories

(´・_・`)If you didn’t join AKB, what do you think you would be doing?

(*゜д゜*)I’d enjoy being a college student☆

(´・_・`)What do you use for foundation?

(*゜д゜*)I use RMK for liquids, MAC for solids, and also ラブーシュカ or Jill Stuart, and for powder I use Chacott or Chanel

(´・_・`)What’s your favorite Warota song?

(*゜д゜*)Renai Athlete

(´・_・`)If you had a solo corner, what would you want to sing?

(*゜д゜*)I want to sing with everyone! I like being with everyone!

(´・_・`)What are you good at cooking?

(*゜д゜*)Pancakes and miso soup

(´・_・`)If you had a vacation longer than 10 days, where would you want to go on a vacation?

(*゜д゜*)Australia or Hokkaido

(´・_・`)Do you want to climb Mt. Fuji?

(*゜д゜*)I do!

(´・_・`)Won’t you release a photobook while you’re still in your teens?

(*゜д゜*)If I can, I want to, but….

(´・_・`)Nacchan, won’t you be chosen as a Sky Tree image girl?

(*゜д゜*)I want to be!

(´・_・`)Do you have the Sky Tree mascot Sorakara-chan?

(*゜д゜*)Of course!

(´・_・`)What do you think of asymmetric hairstyles?

(*゜д゜*)If it’s really asymmetric, I think it’s fashionable

(´・_・`)If you were to compare yourself to an animal, what do you think it would be?

(*゜д゜*)A shiba inu

(´・_・`)Do you have any recommended movies you’ve seen lately?

(*゜д゜*)I haven’t been seeing any recently. I wanted to see Harry Potter and Paradise Kiss~

(´・_・`)What Japanese candy do you like?

(*゜д゜*)Youkan, ohagi, daifuku

(´・_・`)Do you know azukibaa?

(*゜д゜*)Yes, I do.

(´・_・`)Your personal headphones were cute, can anyone make them like that?

(*゜д゜*)A decorist made them for me

(´・_・`)Is it okay to write more letters?

(*゜д゜*)Of course!!!

(´・_・`)Where do you want to go the most right now?

(*゜д゜*)A beauty salon!

(´・_・`)What place calms you down the most?

(*゜д゜*)My bed

(´・_・`)What part of your body do you like the most?

(*゜д゜*)My eyelashes

(´・_・`)If you were to go overseas, what country would be good?



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