Right now-tan

(2011.10.01 16:24)

Good afternoon★

Today I have a certain music video filming ・д●

Right now we’re on stand-by!

I thought this yesterday, but my character is different on my blog than at handshake events and performances LOL

On my blog, I say things like “desu nya” , but I don’t say that in performances♪♪


Well, I’m going to take a short nap o(__*)Zzz

October starts today.
I have hay fever that reacts to ragweed pollen too, so these past few days I’ve had runny noses, sneezing, and I’ve been itchy(>ω<)/。・゜゜・It won't stop LOL

Right now pollen~

I’m being kissed on the cheek…

From Lovetan.

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