Pochi members゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2011.09.30 22:42)

I realized that yesterday’s filming location was in the same place as the rehearsal location of the play that Harugon and Nattsumii are in, “Koufuku Record”, so when filming was over I went to peep on rehearsal before the live broadcast\(^o^)/

Though the Koufuku Record rehearsal had already ended(´pωq`)

I was able to meet Kamachan and Maeda-san

But yesterday wasn’t a day with Usapyon’s rehearsal so I couldn’t meet her

So, after that there was rehearsal for the play “Danshi-ing” so Kamachan, Maeda-san, Nattsumii and I went to see the rehearsal☆

Akkii who was Nagura is in Danshi-ing, and the sound people who did Pochi tto na. is there, there were too many Pochi members, I was happy(*ノω`*)

Tsotomu-san messed up and opened the Pochi tto na. script file instead of Danshi-ing, we were in that much of a Pochi tto na. mood! LOL

If it’s Tsutomu-san’s scripts, it’ll definitely be interesting(*`Ο∪Ο●)

Koufuku Record and Danshi-ing are going to be performed at Soutetsu Honda Theater so it’ll be good if I can see them♪


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