I haven’t contacted in a while-tan

(2011.09.25 23:11)

Good evening★

Today I had a Furage handshake event at Makuhari Messe(。・ω・。)

Everyone, long time no see~

I caused a lot of people to worry, so my heart hurts. I’m sorry.

By the way, today’s outfit was lolita

I was really happy to get complimented by everyone\(^O^)/


By the way, I wear normal clothes too.


It was really fun to be able to
contact everyone for the first time in a while
and talk about dreams and anime and the play and things☆ωヽ

Though standing for a long time killed my legs LOL
Time went by fast♪

I love everyone!

I want to raise my conversation skill too┐(‘~`;)┌

Everyone, take care of yourselves★

See you~ (o・・o)/

From Lovetan.

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