(2011.09.26 23:38)

Good evening
It’s Watanabe Mayuyu~

Sorry for the late notice~!
Well, I did before it released, but!
One more time~!

On sale now!!

MomoClo-chan on the cover of

“Weekly Young Jump”

I, Mayuyu, and my manga
“Nijiken Shika Aisenai”

is serialized in it♪

The fairy tale I used this time was…

“The Honest Woodcutter”

Everyone knows it, right(b^-゜)

Mayuyu-sensei drew it funny and weird
this time too~
Aesop’s fables, thank you!

for the cover page this time, I wore a goddess costume(`・ω・´)

No way(^ω^;)
The background is amazing! A super spring!

I’m a perfect goddess
if I do say so myself!
It feels like SounHori’s Moira should show up!
Seven women!
Not like that!

Let’s all go to springs└(^o^)┐

I want to write a lot, but I couldn’t decide and didn’t write it!
Because! There were no requests!

Let’s do our best tomorrow too!

Good night

From Mayuyu

    • willy yehezkiel
    • September 29th, 2011

    Ganbatte mayuyu… ^ ^

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