(2011.09.23 12:47)

Good afternoon!
Long time no see, it’s Mayuyu

On the 20th
at Nippon Budoukan
the janken tournament happened!

I thought I’d make it this year, but…

So, Mayuyu-san
somehow managed to win the first round

My first round opponent was Wota 4’s Nakayan…

Nakayan was dressed up as a boy, so
she was too excited and put her move out too late…/(^o^)\What the heck

Nakayan’s crossdressing…(・∀・)Good!
She was really cool!
Crossdressing is wonderful!
I love it!

My opponent in the second round was
SKE48’s Kuwabara Mizuki-chan.

I could tell from her fist
she had tons of power and force and it was amazing!

lost in the second round…

Everyone cheering for me…
I’m really sorry(´;ω;`)

Thank you very much for the cheers!
I was able to see properly
all the fans and towels and boards and banners(・∀・)☆

Mayuyu heard the cheers properly too!

Thank you
very very much!!

to the members who made
senbatsu this time\(^o^)/

to #1, Mariko-sama\(^o^)/

I’ll definitely win next year!


By the way
the janken tournament day
was Torihada’s broadcast day~

Everyone, did you watch it?

Anago-san for the first time in a while!

From Mayuyu

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