[I’m jealous of culture festivals ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.09.23 16:15)

Because I…
do online school, so
I don’t have culture festivals LOL *cries*

But really~
I’m jealous( ̄^ ̄)

Now that I think about it
recently I got
a photobookDVD
from Fujie Reinyan

Isn’t it nice~///


It’s signed!!

Yeah, I asked
for her autograph before. LOL

Reinyan, thanks

I watched it all, but
she’s really too cute///

Cute Reinyan was there
and adult-ish Reinyan too
She was beautiful・゜

But really…
a solo photobook and DVD…
I’m too jealous((;゜Д゜))

Nice, nice, nice.

Kikuchi-san wants one too LOL

Production Ogi, please
please let me do it.←

I’m seriously waiting.

Kikuchi-san will continue
to do her best


now I’m going to

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