I’m going to sleep! Harugon blog (^3^)/

(2011.09.23 23:25)

★。・+゜・。(*u_u)<Good evening

Today’s rehearsal and recording

Today was well-spent too!

how was your day?

Lately I’ve been doing a lot
of things each day, thankfully, so
each day goes by quickly (^_^;)

I have to treasure each day(´∀`◎)


Now that I think about it
the play tickets pre-order
for Koufuku Record has started!

The seats are by order of arrival!

For the details
look at the staff blog LOL

So with that
tomorrow I’m waking up at 5am, so
someone wake me up LOL

I’ll do my best to wake up( ̄▽ ̄*) ・・・Ahaha

Everyone who like me
has to get up early

let’s do our best!!!!

||+゜.:。+Good night+゜.:。+|Ю゛ヘ(′Д`q*

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