(2011.09.21 15:37)

Good afternoon★


Today it’s raining
There’s a typhoon(´;ω;`)

By the way, I have a lesson now\(^O^)/

Lately Lovetan has been into reading, I’ve really liked the works of the author who wrote “Moshimo Kimi ga.”!

I finished reading the original book of Moshimo Kimi ga., and three days ago I started reading the sequel “Kore Kara Kimi to.” and finished it in a day LOL

I felt “Yuuchan, why~” and acted out Maki, so somehow it got really sad.

But, I thought “huh? is this really okay, Yuu-chan?” and “don’t forget me, Yuu-chan” during it; I read the sequel as Maki, so it felt really weird.

If your’e curious, please read it.

And and, the cover of KERA released today was, amazingly

AKIRA-sama (^ω^)

Saving it

Too cool

Well, I’ll put my all into the lesson and do my best

From Lovetan.

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