[Let me tell you/// ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.09.16 13:31)

Good afternoon(*δvδ*)ノ

I’m going to answer
questions from fanletters I’ve gotten
from everyone for
the first time in a while・゜

Q* Ayarin, do you
have any piercings?

A* I hate pain, so
I don’t
I respect people who do. Yeah

Q* Your hair is really shiny
I really really look up to you.
Do you get it groomed and such?

A* I’m really happy
to hear that ><*←←
When I rinse it every day
I leave it for ten minutes

Q* Do you diet?

A* I don’t do an
impossible diet…
I just keep it in mind every day
so I don’t get fat.
By the way, I do
a half-bath every day.

Q* Who do you like better
Chopper or me?

A* Hey lololololol

Q* Ayarin’s clothes are
super cute, I love them!
When you go shopping
where do you go?

A* Thanks for saying it’s cute(´;ω;`)
I’m blushing
Basically, when I go shopping…
I go to Shibuya or Harajuku
I choose
cute and cheap clothes LOL

…………..Cutting off………….

Up until this point!!

I’ll answer everyone’s questions
again soon・゜

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