(2011.09.20 22:31)

Good evening★

Today we had the janken senbatsu tournament at Nippon Budoukan~゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

But really~ just like Shigeki-sensei taught me, I was full of winning energy, but I lost in the third round~(つд;*)

If I had only won one more round, I’d be senbatsu・゜・(つД`)・゜・

Everyone who was cheering for me, I’m sorry I couldn’t meet your expectations m(._.)m

I’ll do my best next time too♪

And today’s winner was Mari-chan

Congratulations! I want to see a song with Mari-chan as center soon (^皿^)

I’ll do my best tomorrow too

By the way, I didn’t have time to take a picture of my outfit yesterday, but I was wearing a Pretty costume(。・ω・。)

I’ll put up a picture next time I wear it

And Shihorin who I fought against in the first round, thanks

From Lovetan.

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