(2011.09.18 16:49)

Good afternoon!
It’s Mayuyu~


I went!

Sound Horizon
Daiichiji Ryoudo Fukkou Ensei additional performance day 2

Yokohama Arena~

I participated after my work finished, so
I saw starting from the member introduction MC!
To be precise, from where Soniru-san was singing Aogami Part!←

If I write a lot of long sentences it’ll get weird
and it’ll be rude to people who read this, so I’m going to write Mayuyu-san’s thoughts in bullet form!

-His Majesty’s ponytail! Thanks (^q^)
-I finally met Mikuni-san for the first time since Merukon!
I had heard rumors, but her wearing a pink dress really was like a magical girl, cute!
-Amazingly! Tabu-chan-san who doesn’t talk at all doing Hiiro no Fuusha!
I didn’t think I’d use my red muffler towel that I brought with me like that lol
-Remiko doing a drunk His Majesty was nice
-His Majesty “It’s a song I made for you”
-MIKI-san’s skit
One person reading about six goddess sisters was too brutal lol
Though MIKI-san handled up until four well
-Mikuni-san’s instant camera girls
-Sascha-san’s Jimangu-san and His Majesty’s mysterious movements!
Though in the middle it seems like it was directed lol
-His Majesty’s sculpture
-His Majesty’s forceful jump down the stairs, and totally missing the landing and falling on his butt, I won’t forget the atmosphere of the venue
-His Majesty “idiot”
-Remiko’s part in Shuutan really gives me goosebumps
-Depending on the situation~ depending on the situation~
-A lot of imagination

It was about that.
I wanted to watch from the beginning…TNg…Kanami-ouji…Mikuni-san’s Sunadokei!

I’m really frustrated I couldn’t hear Kanami-san’s Sacrifice…
Ahhh! Kawaguchi’s miracle, one more time!

I was happy just being there, so I’m satisfied!

Tomoyo-chan watching from next to me was cute as always from beginning to end, I’m full of that!
Lately I feel like I can keep living just seeing Tomoyo-chan’s smile!

There’s only the performance in Sendai on the 27th left now…

I hope the Sendai performance
succeeds safely!

Even though I can’t go to see it, I can read other people’s reports and use my imagination to feel like I saw it~

Once the Sendai performance is over, there won’t be any more lives for a while~
It’ll be a lack of SounHori…what to do…

Then I can remember that Hamamatsu performance and do my best o(^o^)o

Good night.
There isn’t anything else I remember.
Everyone is too cute, it hurts.

I wrote this last night and fell asleep.
Sorry for a weird blog in the afternoon!
Or, I wonder if anyone’s read this far (^q^)

Wait a second!

I noticed just now rereading this that bullet points are hard to read/(^o^)\

I’ll do my best-mayuyu
today too o(^o^)o

Our new costume for M-Sta!

From Mayuyu

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