[I’m working hard to improve myself ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.09.22 13:14)

Maybe because my earlier
question corner was popular, but
I just got a lot of letters
with questions in them・゜

Everyone who wrote
until the last second
thanks (つω・。`)

I’m reading them all properly///

Well then, in those…
“Ayarin is cute and beautiful
I really really look up to her!
Do you have something that particularly sticks in your mind?”

But really~….
at the height of reading them
I was really happy and grinninglol

I’m kind of gross grinning
while reading them LOL


there were a lot of questions about

“things that stick in my mind”
“things I never miss doing” so

I want to answer it

Yeah. Hmm~…

* I never miss taking a half bath every day
for a little under two hours(*δvδ*)ノ

* I don’t eat fried food at all.

* I don’t care about calories.
((If you care about calories
you’ll get fatter.))

* Lately I’ve been into enoki←←

Just about that…

And I’m bad with white rice
so people worry about me LOL

I like seasoning *б∀б

When I want to eat, I think eating that
is the best///


So with that
I’m going to do another question corner・゜

I have recording in the afternoon, so
I’ll do my best *б∀б

I want to meet Team K members soon.

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