I love it too much! Harugon blog (@^3^@)=chu!!

(2011.09.18 22:08)

★。・+゜・。(*u_u)<Good evening

Lately I’ve had rehearsal every day!!!

I haven’t been able to
meet any members[。>_<。]

Everyone in Warota
how are you??

Harugon is great

Though I can meet
everyone on the 20th(*’v’*)

Rehearsal is tough, but
it’s fun and I’m learning, so
time passes by fast!!

For plays, I can rehearse
and stand on the stage
it’s hitting two birds with one stoneヾ(*´∀`)ノ

I really feel like
I love plays!

I’ll study a lot for this play too
and get better at acting so much
that everyone is surprised
at my dramas and movies and plays(*ゝω・)b

It’s lonely
not meeting with members, but

I’m doing my best in rehearsal (3≧□≦)3

Everyone, come to see!


I’ll review properly today
and do my best tomorrow too!!!

ヾ(*′ω`*)。゜o+。Good night。+゜o。(*′ω`*)ノ゛


Tomorrow is the respect-for-the-aged day

Everyone, treat your grandparents well♪
Like rubbing their shoulders?

It’s a day early, but
finished rehearsal early today, so
I took my grandmother to her
favorite restaurant!

Stay healthy forever♪

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