I can win!! Harugon blog (@^3^@)=chu!!

(2011.09.19 23:00)

Good eveningヾ(*^▽^*)〃

Todays rehearsal finished

is hard…

But I’ll do my best ⊂((≧∀≦))⊃


Tomorrow is finally
the janken tournament!!!

I got a lot of power from people
at the last handshake event, so
I have to win (oд・);oo☆

I want to go to the finals LOL


I’m already nervous!

Early LOL

Relax! Relax!

I’ll do my best and make use of what I learned on Naruhodo High School♪

Everyone, cheer for me(*ゝω・)b

I’ll win tomorrow (≧ω≦)/

ヾ(*´∀`*)oc【。+゜Have nice dreams, good night。+゜】

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