(2011.09.17 22:23)

Yesterday, after the interview, I went to see
Akkii aka Hayashi Akihiro-kun’s play “Hakkenden”
with Yonechan and my high school classmate Y-chan(● ̄(エ) ̄●)ゞ

That day, Yuzukingu went to see it too(o^□^o)ノ

There were a lot of laughs
and everyone was really cool in the fights
and I could see Akkii in a different character from Pochi tto na.
it was really fun to watch(●∨ω∨●)

Honestly, that day I was working starting in the morning, so I was worried about what if I fell asleep
and serious stories would probably raise that possibility(ノ_-;)
But it wasn’t like that at all ∩^ω^∩

It’s being performed at Harajuku Quest Hall, so
if you have the time, please go to see it!!!

On the way back, the three of us ate and it suddenly started raining so we prayed for it to stop
and we finished eating just when
it had stopped raining mostly, so it was a lucky feeling(´▽`*)


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