Culture festival゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2011.09.18 20:58)

Today I went to my high school’s culture festival in the morning(●´―`●)

The train transfer, and the hill, and the way I walked to school was nostalgic……..

Right past the gate, the reception desk was full of teachers I had when I was at school!

And underclassmen I know and underclassmen I don’t know called out to me LOL

There were chocolate bananas typical of festivals
and a jungle maze with festival quality
A haunted house of such quality that I had to take off my shoes
The class drama from my old homeroom

And I went to play in the staff room!
When I went to school, they got angry at me a lot for wearing make-up, so I was a little scared they’d say something this time too when I greeted my health teacher LOL

Other graduates have been saying, let’s go to the festival together, for a while now, so
we had a mini class reunion, it was really fun(*ノω`*)

So, then I was at recording with Kitarie ∩^ω^∩

Ahhh, you really get the feel of youth from a culture festival(つω;`)

The only regret I have is that an underclassman told me she was dancing to Team B Oshi, so please see it, but I had plans after that so I couldn’t see it.

And for some reason when I went in the classroom the background music was Team B Oshi LOL

And there were underclassmen with class t-shirts that said “Yagami oshi” and “Fujie oshi”!

I wasn’t able to find a “Hirajima oshi” (>_<)


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