(2011.09.15 18:14)

Good evening
It’s Mayuyu


I participated in the filming for the three-hour special of

“Torihada Maruhi Scoop Eizou Hyakkajiten”

With Lovetan and Ayarin!
It was fun!

We laughed and cried
and got lots of goosebumps!

It was a really fulfilling three hours
I want everyone else to watch it too!

The broadcast date is

September 20th

at 7pm!

On TV Asahi-san

Everyone, watch it\(^o^)/

Before I knew it
it’s September, but

it’s still really hot…

When will fall come?!

There’s a lot of stuff, but
let’s work hard every day!

It’s almost the janken tournament
I wonder how it’ll turn out…

From Mayuyu

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