The end\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2011.09.09 22:09)

Good evening, it’s


Yesterday was
Young Jump manga deadline day
somehow I made it in time >< I'm sorry for every time, editorial department!

But really~
in the end
this time was a good story too!

Though I wasn't sure how it'd turn out in the middle…(^ω^;)No way

No way…

for Mayuyu-sensei to use that fairy tale!!

That part
of that panel really is a highlight~
No, that part of that other panel is good too!!

Look forward to it this time too(b^-゜)

Check out

"Weekly Young Jump"

releasing September 22nd☆

Ladies and gentlemen looking forward to it
I'm going to specially show you a part of the manga this time~

(The end)

T-this is…!!

If you understand what part of which panel
or if you don’t understand


“Weekly Young Jump”

releasing on September 22nd☆


The opera house is cursed!!

From Mayuyu

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