Sorry for lying. Lovetan.

(2011.09.10 19:49)

Good evening.

Earlier I talked about with my manager about tomorrow’s handshake event.
My health isn’t any better than yesterday
and my fever has risen to 39C, so
I’m going to miss tomorrow’s handshake event too.

Sorry for lying by saying I would definitely be there.

I’m sorry for missing a handshake event with my fans who are the most precious thing in the world.

I was looking forward to it too, so it’s too bad. I’m really sorry.

The manager said that if I overdid it and appeared and then got worse, I’d be in trouble, so I have to miss it.

If I get worse and cause worry for everyone my heart will hurt again, so
I made this decision again.

And it would be bad to give colds to everyone, so I don’t want to do that.

I’m really sorry.

I want to get better and meet everyone soon.

I’ll do my best to get better, so please wait for me.

I’m really really sorry for causing you to worry.

From Lovetan.

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