Moshimo Kimi ga. Harugon blog

(2011.09.09 22:18)

★。・+゜・。(*u_u)<Good evening

The final performance of the play
finished safely

I was really nervous for the final show!

It was my first show with Suzuki-kun
but our breathing matched well
it was really a lovely show!

All of the staff for the show.

everyone who came to watch it
thank you very much!

It was a play supported
by a lot of people.

I’m really thankful to everyone

Appearing in this show

I learned a lot of things
and studied a lot[。>_<。]

I was able to find a new self in this play!!!!

I'm really glad
I appeared in this show v(。・ω・。) Yay♪

Thank you very very much!

I'm hoping for a rerun LOL


Tomorrow is a handshake event

Don’t be late LOL

Sleeping in 5(p.-)4(p.-)3(p.-)2(p.-)1・・・(T0T)ノ~~ Good night~♪

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