Causing worry. Lovetan.

(2011.09.09 20:08)

Good evening★

This morning, I went to the hospital.
And the doctor said that my lymph gland was swollen in order to prevent the germs in my throat from spreading, so it hurts and I’m getting a fever.

Today was a day off, so I thought if I spent it quietly I’d get better, but even taking medicine, my fever kept rising and there’s no sign of it getting better, so I’m going to be absent in tomorrow’s handshake event.

Even if I participate in the handshake event like this, I’ll just cause everyone to worry, so I’m making this decision.

Everyone who was looking forward to it, I’m really sorry.
I’m sorry for causing everyone to worry.

I’ll definitely appear in the handshake event the day after tomorrow.
I’m really sorry.

From Lovetan.

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