[Thank you very much! ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.09.08 23:00)

“Moshimo Kimi ga.”‘s
final performance finished safely *cries*

I was crying when it ended (;_;)

I was really nervous
for my final performance!! *cries*

I missed a few things, but
going through the final performance, I don’t have any regrets.

In the ad-lib parts and such, I heard
a lot of laughs, I was
really happy…///

In the end
everyone’s cries
reached me, and
I could really feel
their emotions

I’m full of
happy feelings(つω・。`)

I’ll be really happy
if everyone feels things
and connects to this play…

Kikuchi Ayaka’s “Maki”
was only for a short time, but
I’m really happy
that I was able to be in “Moshimo Kimi ga.”
and I’m thankful.

Everyone who came even though
you’re busy…
thank you very much!

I was able to find
a new part of me with this play.

I’ll do my best so I can
make use of this experience
and grow forward

Tomorrow is finally “Moshimo Kimi ga.”‘s
final performance!!

It’s Suzuki-kun and Harugon’s pair

If you haven’t seen it yet
please see it!

And today a lot
of members came to see it///

Miichan, Harugon
Lovetan, Micha
Nattsumii, Wasamin
Reinyan, Chiichan…

Thank you very much
for coming・゜

And Aran-kun!!
Thank you very much
for everything until today ><*

You were a lovely Yuki-kun

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