Thoughts. Harugon blog(・∀・)♪+.゜

(2011.09.08 13:09)

(*^▽^)/Good afternoon\(^▽^*)

If you ask where I went yesterday

I went to see
the play
Moshimo Kimi ga.
Miichan’s final performance

Miichan, good work
in your final performance d(*´∀`*)b

We didn’t have the chance
to practice together
and I thought I wanted to see her’s
so I’m glad I could

How was Miichan?
If I’m asked that…

It was amazing.
It was really good.

It was such a lovely play
that I can’t express it in words(●⌒∀⌒●)∩

I’m really glad
I could see Miichan’s!!

Objectively watching it
I felt that!

I think there are probably a lot of people
who think that watching Miichan(●>U<●)

I think a lot of people
cried (・_;)

My final performance is on the 9th!

I'll do my best
so a lot of people see
Harugon's Maki and say
it was a lovely show!

now I’m nervous LOL

Today is Kikuji!


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