[The final performance finally came…!! ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.09.08 09:46)

Yesterday I went to see
Miichan and Suzuki-kun’s
pair ∩∀`*

It was really good///

It was wonderful!!

By the way, yesterday the whole
cast gathered and we did an
early party (*`o∀o艸)

Though, today is
my final performance
with Shirahama-kun…*cries*

I don’t want to
finish just yet.

I want to do more
“Moshimo Kimi ga.”…

I think I want to
treasure today’s performance
so I don’t have any regrets.


I’m in the same grade (12th) and
the same age (18) as Shirahama-kun・゜

I’m doing my final performance
with someone my age(つω^`)

So I think maybe
the same-age pair
can show Yuki-kun and
Maki-chan’s real

I’ll do my best!!!

If you have time, please
I’ll be waiting///

But really I’m nervous LOL *cries*

Now I’m going
to a photoshoot…

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