(2011.09.07 14:14)

Good afternoon★

Today I’m going to a certain place now゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

Where is it, where is it(゜Д゜≡゜Д゜)?

To up my girl power a little LOL

I’ll update again later (>_<)

And Lovetan's my boom(´3`)

Listening to classical music on my iPad☆☆☆

When I was in eighth grade, my older brother recommended classical music to me but I didn’t have any interest, but for some reason now that I”m in 11th grade I like it more (^ω^)

The reason I started listening was because Maki plays a Chopin song in the first scene of “Moshimo Kimi ga.”, and I was wondering how to play it, so I listened to it, and I thought maybe other classical music would be good too, and got into it

I listen on the bullet train and while traveling, it’s really nice to sleep to

Everyone, do you like classical music?

From Lovetan.

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