(2011.09.06 22:40)

Good evening★

The performance finished~ (-ω-)

Wasamin’s hairstyle was cute!

Wasamin did my usual panda hair today!
She’s a good kid who keeps her promises♪
I’m liking her even more LOL

Before the performance, we had a duet photoshoot!

On location for the first time in a while\(^O^)/

It was very very fun!

We went to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise to play

It was Lovetan’s second time going to SeaPara!

I was really happy to be able to go to the aquarium and the amusement park LOL

And we bought souvenirs! A polar bear strap and polar bear cookies!
They were cute, so

And introducing my outfit today.

My outfit today is Pretty!

How is it? How is it?

It’s cute, right?

Well then, until next time~

From Lovetan.

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