[Opening night finished ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.09.05 22:59)

My opening night for “Moshimo Kimi ga.”
finished safely・゜

Everyone who came for us
thank you very very much!

More people came
than I thought
I was really happy *cries*

Everyone came even though it’s a busy weekday
I’m really really really thankful (;_;)

Friends came too, I was happy

I was really nervous, but
when there were funny places
everyone laughed a lot
and I could hear a lot of
crying voices in the end
I was really really happy…

I feel like I made
Kikuchi Ayaka’s Maki.

But I think I’ll keep transmitting
Maki’s strong feelings
to everyone, so
I’ll do my best
so I can transmit it to everyone
so I can grow(・ω・´)

Today was opening night with Suzuki-kun
and the last time.

Suzuki-kun, thank you very much!

Next is September 8th with Shirahama-kun
and my final show.

If you have the time
I’ll be waiting・゜

Of course everyone who came
today, if you come
I’ll be happy ><* ///

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