Next door neighbors-tan

(2011.09.04 22:34)

Good evening★

Today was a Flying Get nation-wide handshake event(。・ω・。)

in Nagoya☆☆☆

Everyone in Nagoya, it’s been since last time LOL

Lately I’ve had a lot of chances to go to Nagoya, I’m very happy o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o

Both the event and handshake event were fun♪♪

Thank you very much for coming in the rain

My next door neighbors in today’s handshake event were…

Moeno-chan and Reinyan

It was really fun participating with these two calm girls (^ω^)

At the handshake event, I heard thoughts about my play yesterday, I’m happy

I’ll go to Nagoya to play again! Please support me then too

By the way, I slept in an awkward position so my neck is stiff, it hurts LOL

That’s right!
Tomorrow, I’m appearing on ON8!
Please listen!

From Lovetan.

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