Moshimo Kimi ga.-tan

(2011.09.03 21:34)

Good evening★

Today was my final show for MoshiKimi(。・ω・。)

For my final show I was with Suzuki Nobuyuki as Yuu-chan\(^O^)/

My opening night was the 1st and my final show was the 3rd, so it was very fast (>_<)

It's lonely…

But I think I got a lot of good experiences゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

I wonder if I grew up a little?

It'll be good if I did~♪

I learned another thing about how fun acting is!

I still don't feel like it's over LOL

Moshimo Kimi ga. has just started!

People who can go see it, there's still one more week, so please come to play!

By the way, tomorrow I'm participating in a Nagoya handshake event!

Please support me

From Lovetan.

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