[Moshimo Kimi ga. ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.09.03 17:36)

Today I went to see
“Moshimo Kimi ga.”
that I’m going to be in・゜

A pair of Lovetan and Suzuki-kun!!

But really~…

I only saw
the end of Lovetan’s
rehearsals, so
I’m glad I was able to watch from the beginning///

No matter when you watch Lovetan
she was cute

In particular her voice!! LOL

The first half was funny

It was a Lovetan-ish Maki-chan(〃ノ▽ノ)

But I cried in the second half(´;ω;`)

No matter when I see Moshimo Kimi ga.
I’m moved *cries*

My opening night is finally
the day after tomorrow ><*///

I want to hurry up and meet everyone
and show everyone a lovely
"Moshimo Kimi ga."・゜

But I’m seriously nervous←←

But I’ll do my best!!

I’ll challenge the opening night the day after tomorrow
so that I can enjoy it with everyone
and make everyone moved!

I’ll make everyone happy
who comes to opening night

You can buy tickets the day of, so please
come to Shibuya PARCO Theater.

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