Tomorrow is the opening night of the reading drama “Moshimo Kimi ga.”! From Staff

(2011.08.31 13:10)

Well, tomorrow is finally

the opening night of the reading drama “Moshimo Kimi ga.”

Right now they’re in the height of the dress rehearsal!

Acting right next to the audience

you can see the members’ acting closer than the AKB theater

All students too

it’s a play with a lot of feelings

about how you have to treasure your girlfriend

Students too, please watch it.

During the one hour and twenty minutes that the show is happening

it’s a work that’s done with two people, a member and a male cast member.

How about seeing your oshimen in a play

and then telling them your thoughts

when there’s a handshake event

We’ll be waiting at Shibuya PARCO Theater.

The member performance dates are

September 1st (Thurs) Oota Aika 19:00~
September 2nd (Fri) Minegishi Minami 19:00~
September 3rd (Sat) Oota Aika 14:30~ 18:00~
September 4th (Sun) Nakagawa Haruka 14:30~ 18:00~
September 5th (Mon) Kikuchi Ayaka 19:00~
September 6th (Tues) Minegishi Minami 14:30~ 19:00~
September 7th (Wed) Minegishi Minami 19:00~
September 8th (Thurs) Kikuchi Ayaka 19:00~
September 9th (Fri) Nakagawa Haruka 19:00~
Reading drama “Moshimo Kimi ga.”

Shibuya PARCO Theater

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