[Reunion after a long time ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.09.01 20:11)

The lesson finished~・゜

I’ll do my best in the real show tomorrow///

Well then, getting to the main point
Today I met my partner
Suuchan for the first time
in about a month

Since Seibu Dome(´;ω;`)

The moment we met
we went kyaaa~ kyaa~ kyaa~←←
and both almost cried
we were so happy(´;ω;`)

We were skipping and jumping
and really super excited lololol

The staff was surprised lololol

I’m glad Suuchan
was fine as usual

We talked a lot, I’m happy///

We’re together tomorrow too, so
I’m happy

I really
love Suuchan~ LOL

SuuAya lovelove chucchu LOL

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