(2011.08.31 22:36)

Good evening
It’s Mayuyu\(^o^)/

Today was

AKB ga Ippai ~SUMMER TOUR 2011~

final night!
It was Team B’s Kobe performance (^ω^)

Everyone in Kansai really does have good energy!
As expected\(^o^)/Wonderful!

Out of all of the places we’ve been, I feel like there were more Mayuyu fans and towels there >< Super happy!

I can see all of them~
Thanks everyone!

I was really happy
That was the kind of performance it was (^ω^)

The summer tour that took a month, before we realized it was the final night…
It really felt like it went by in the blink of an eye.

This year's tour that started
and ended with Team B.
It was really fun to be able to do lives in a lot of places!

I won't forget
everyone's lovely smiles.

I hope I can see everyone's smiles

Until the day we can meet again
everyone, stay happy♪

Kobe beef is delicious (^q^) I’m happy

By the way
Mayuyu appeared in HaneTobi today.
I forgot to announce it…sorry ><
Everyone, did you watch it??


Well then
have good dreams tonight too♪

Good night (*^ω^*)

From Mayuyu

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