New kid-tan

(2011.08.29 20:09)

Good evening★

A new puppy came to my cousin’s house(´∀`)

His name is “Ricchi”

He’s a mix between a maltese and dachshund゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

He’s really cute\(^O^)/

He still play-bites and it doesn’t hurt even if he bites, he rolls around and it’s cute♪

Puppies are cute~

By the way, I had play rehearsal today too(。・ω・。)

I was with Harugon!

There’s only one more time I can do rehearsal (>_<)

After that is the real show

I'm really nervous.

I'm already really nervous.

Ah~ what to do!!

Everyone who's coming to see it, please watch over me

Please be my supporter.

Tomorrow is finally

Team A’s final day of the tour!

in Kobe

I’m looking forward to it

I want to enjoy it as much as possible so I won’t have any regrets(^皿^)

From Lovetan.

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