(2011.08.27 07:09)

It’s Mayuyu.

The other day

I did filming for

“Dainihon Akan Keisatsu”

I was with Yukirin and Rie-chan

It was my second time doing Akan Keisetsu, but I was nervous but it was super fun, no way(^ω^;)

But really
But I was nervous!
It was my first time doing Akan Keisatsu being that nervous >< Principal!


The costume color
changed from blue to red

It’s airing on September 4th and 11th

You’ll definitely watch it, right(b^-゜)☆

Well then
today is three performances at the theater!
I’ll go in high spirits

Just like yesterday, let’s be careful of the guerrilla rain >< Super guerrilla

From Mayuyu

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