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A lot of stuff゛∩(・Д・*)Nacchan

(2010.07.29 23:46)

(Good evening)

This time I’m going to pack this entry with lots of subjects*´ω`つ゛

Before when I went to the studio Mariyannu was doing Pigg, so

Mariyannu quickly made way and Nacchan participated too☆!!

I requested “ganbarinacchan” from everyone. LOL

↓It increased

↓It increased even more

↓It in……….

It says “Nacchan makes me really excited”

I’m really a shiba inu, huh.

In the end I asked for people to say “Ultra Nacchan”

Thank you very much for your cooperation\(^o^)/

Today’s “AKB 600 sec.” is Mayuyu☆

Let’s watch it

Starting at 24:53 is “Watarirouka Hashiritai 7” on Nippon Housou

Komorin, Ayarin, and Nacchan are in charge!!

If you don’t watch and listen, we’ll pout, okay!!



[I danced~ (^o^)v ★ Harugon blog]

(2010.07.29 22:26)

The performance finished

I still
haven’t really gotten used to it, but
dancing with all of Team A is fun

I sweated a lot

In the same unit

She’s always kind
and loves me

Acchan, congrats

I love Acchan

I have to become an adult
so I don’t lose
to AcchanLOL


(2010.07.29 22:21)

I played with my beloved Y-chan in the evening

We wondered whether we should go to see a movie, and in the end…………

we entered “Maid Riimin” again(。・_・。)ノyaa

Maids mixed it for us(〃▽〃)

And cast spells to make it delicious~

And a parfait in the image of two people~

I want to become like a monk, but……………
When you enter this place, you want to eat cute things!!!!

It was early, and I split it with Y-chan, so please forgive me~ (>_<)

While we were chewing, we saw punishment games for other customers and instant camera shots~

Thank you very much for the fun hour

When you go to that kind of place, you want to do that★!

So I did it with Y-chan~



It’s a maid

The subject of the wild idea love drama I did with Kitarie on All Night Nippon before

I materialized it~♪♪♪Something like that*´ω`つ゛

Does it suit meLOL

With this I think I can do my best again starting tomorrow←←



(2010.07.29 22:05)

Good evening^▽^
It’s Mayuyu^▽^

On tonight’s

“AKB 600 sec.”

you can peek into Mayuyu’s private life!!


I’m nervous(^ω^;)

Sosomehow, tonight’s AKB 600 sec. is the last episode!!

Is it really okay for me, Mayuyu, to be the last performer…LOL

One way or another!

Tonight, on Nihon TV

broadcast from 1:08~1:23!

Please watch it♪

That shiba inu is also making a friendly appearance LOL

Please support me\(^o^)/

From Mayuyu


(2010.07.29 21:46)

Good evening★

I had a small photoshoot this morning (*^ω^*)

It was light time lol

Time went by pretty quickly

Before I realized it I was at the theater lol


Until now I hadn’t been to the theater for a long time, so I really fell in love with the theater againヾ(>д<*)

Performances really are too fun

I look forward to the curtain opening every time

I was able to be calmer in today’s performance than last time, shonichi~

Everyone who came to see us.

Thank you very very much (゜-゜)

I have work in the morning tomorrow too~

Everyone, please be careful of the heat.

Bye bye byeccha(*^-^)ノ

The photoshoot finished~゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2010.07.29 14:27)

Today’s outfit was the B5th middle set polka-dot frilly outfit (・ω・)

I have too much free time until my next appointment

Even if the photoshoot is over, I’m not going home, I’m talking with some members~


The theme of the talk is Sasshii’s bangs←

There are more~

But I’m still free, so I was talking with Lovetan, but

Lovetan went to a photoshoot, so

I’m free again

I decided to go to play at the agency(。・_・。)ノ



[Putting my fighting spirit into it ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2010.07.29 12:10)

Good afternoon

Today I have a photoshoot
and recording, so I’ll put
my fighting spirit into it and
do my best and have fun today too

I wonder what I should do
for my hairstyle in the photoshoot~…

I’m always worried about that LOL

Maybe I’ll put it up